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UAE-based 13 times International Award Winning Visual Artist Zohayma Montañer was born in the Philippines and grew up in a large and prominent family in Mindanao. Since her childhood, she had been participating in art competitions and was constantly being recognized.

After performing her pilgrimage at the age of 13, she decided to be closer to Allah through studying more about her religion. In four years time, she found herself dealt with the presence of art and typography and delivered it to give and inform people about Islam. In the same year, she got her first international award in Valencia, Spain.

She has become one of the most eminent names in the scope of Islamic art and calligraphy.

Montañer was homeschooled and taught by Shaykha Nuriyya Yusuf where she gained Islamic knowledge and memorized the Qur’an. She therefore occasionally delivers halaqah sessions in regards to the essential lessons for Muslim women and basic Arabic classes for children.

In 2017, Montañer got married to a revert brother and settled down in UAE. She continuously and actively works to spread the message of Islam through her works, lectures and art exhibitions worldwide.

2012 – Founded Al Ihsaan Islamic School of Arts (an institution that aims to teach children the basic fundamentals of Islamic art and geometric designs)

2013 – Authored the first ever Ramadhan Journal series in the Muslim world – Project Ramadhan which harbored a great success that made it going until present. 

           – Started Stories of the Sahabah blog where she shares memoirs and unspoken gems about the lives of the companions of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam.

2014 – Founded Banat ul Mu’mineen – a Muslim community composed of sisters of all ages that aim to better themselves through attending weekly halaqah sessions.

2015 – Founded Golden Hands Charity Foundation (charity organization based in the Philippines aiming to help and provide basic needs in madrasahs across the Mindanao region)

2016 – Designed and authored the first ever Coloring book based on Islamic values – The Caliphates.

2017 – Co-founded ABZO Design Agency in UAE together with her husband, Abu Umar Khaled

           – Launched Sagot ni Niqaabi – a Filipino based language online hub that aims to clear misconceptions about the niqaab through answering queries about it.

2014 – Unilever’s 3rd Beyond Beauty Women of Mindanao in Davao, Philippines

2013 – 5th Ani ng Dangal Awardee for Visual Arts, (Islamic Artist of the Year), by NCCA (National Commission on Culture and Arts) in Manila, Philippines

2012 – Pearl International Islamic Artist of the Year in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

2012 – Golden Awardee for Islamic Contribution in Male, Maldives

2011 – Young Islamic Artist of the Year in Kathmandu, Nepal

2010 – 8th Wonderful Art of Islam by ITY Group in Tin Sui Wai New Town, Hong Kong

2010 – Most Outstanding Religious Wall Art by HRD Designs Awards in Burgas, Bulgaria

2010 – Art of Deen’s Excellence by Art Expo in Somalia

2009 – Best Islamic Art by Muslim Artists’ Fair in Valencia, Spain

2009 – Face of Islam by NYC Voters’ Choice in Jakarta, Indonesia

2008 – Best Religious Wall Art by NFE Awards in Beijing, China

2008 – Best Valentine Art by San Valentin Art Fest 2008 in Valencia, Spain

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                  what clients have to say

                  Sister Zohayma has a thorough design talent. She has been a lead on creating interactive presentation slides for several of my workshops and courses for communities and professionals and exhibited her vision, imagination, and attention to detail phenomenally in ways recognized and praised by many an audience across the countries of my travel.
                  Shaykh Sajid Ahmed UmarKnowledge International University
                  No real words can express our satisfaction with the work of sister Zohayma Montañer. I have been very impressed by sister Zohayma’s ability to literally read my mind and deliver designs that perfectly symbolizes my vision and conveys the style and the elegant level that we needed to maintain for our work at Serving Islam Team – Hong Kong – and Connect Institute – Global -. We have been very blessed to work with her in the past and looking forward to cooperate with her in the future as well. Very glad to have her as the official designer for our organizations.
                  Wael IbrahimFounder of Serving Islam Team HK and Connect Institute
                  I have had the pleasure of allowing the talented artist Zohayma to create me a beautiful book that was inspired by the caliphates coloring book. Zohayma was able to bring my ideas and concepts alive with her beautiful calligraphy artworks and also the information that was dispersed. I chose Zohayma because of attention to detail throughout her other works as they have been sell-out success every time. I look forward to future endeavors with this brilliant artist. in sha Allah
                  Umm WalidOwner at Jewel at Jannah, Australia
                  At first, I felt anxious to approach sister Zohayma for my hijab venture but since she is the best person I know who can curate the signature designs I was looking for, I had to get over my fears. No regrets! She actually responds promptly and always with a warmth of a sister. I didn’t have a hard time communicating my ideas because she is very accommodating and very professional. As expected, her designs are exquisite without being overly decorated. Minimalist but definitely not boring. Ma sha Allah. I just love her works!
                  Alyannah BantuasOwner at Kumbong PH
                  Zohayma creates wonderful Islamic pieces and her work for dawah can easily be seen in what she creates. She commits her heart into each piece she makes from her intricate, colorful patterns to her hand-drawn Arabic masterpieces. She has a keen eye for detail and a great aesthetic!
                  Faheema PatelFounder of Junoon Designs
                  Zohayma is an amazing visual artist. Her work is exceptional, creative and beautiful. We have been working for multiple years and hopefully many more years to come.
                  Mila TaziFounder of Mila Visuals, Netherlands

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