A Visit to Masjid Carmen

Paints to Remember Allah

MASJID CARMEN is said to be the largest masjid ever built in the province of Carmen, Davao del Norte.

The Masjid is big enough to occupy 2,000 Muslim worshippers. It is a two story masjid, having the first floor exclusive for the brothers and the second floor for sisters.

The people behind the building of the Masjid (they prefer to stay anonymous) and I first met when I had a booth for my artworks during the Towards Peace Conference in Manila, they were two brothers, one was an engineer and the other was an amazing artist as well.

They approached me asking about the art pieces I had for the 99 names of Allah. After few discussions, they finally brought up the topic about a masjid project they were doing and asked permission if they could use this specific design I did for a specific name of Allah.

It was such a beautiful moment, to be asked and be given an opportunity of such. So with my happiness, I gave a yes and even offered if they need more design, then I would be very honored to help them in any way possible.

Building started and I was kept updated by the brothers (you can see snaps of reality). Months passed until the day arrived of personally visiting the masjid. Alhamdulillah.

It was quite a travel, took me 5 hours from my home to reach the city then add another 2 hours (more or less) to finally reach the place. For artists, it is indeed one of the most emotional phases for us to see our designs brought into reality.

We arrived at the place just around As’r. Ma sha Allah. I absolutely loved the color of the masjid as it was yellow (it was my favorite color when I was a kid). Alhamdulillah.

It wasn’t a typical masjid design. The colors of the walls were not the common ones, it was absolutely refreshing to see as it also had texture as well as having geometric patterns painted on it. Ma sha Allah, not to mention, the beautiful echoing voice of the muezzin.

They had two entrances for the brothers and one entrance for the sisters. I did like the shade of he wooden floor used at the second floor, it totally compliments the wall color as well as the tile color used on the first floor.

The Imam of the masjid was very accommodating and helpful. Most of the time, I was outside of the masjid just mesmerising the grandeur of the place as well as the ambiance it brings. The surrounding of the masjid was of green nature, it was a relaxing scene and makes you say “breathing some fresh air”.

The Imam was saying that the place is cold at night that they don’t need to turn on the fans. With the echoing effect of its wall, I can imagine how beautiful it is to be there when someone would recite the Noble Qur’an. It would be very very soulful and soul striking. Subhan’Allah.

But one thing I just noticed was that, the masjid was very quiet in a sense that there were no much of people present at the masjid when it was already As’r prayer.

Indeed, I pray everyone not only in this place but in every place where there is a masjid to realize how much blessing is there that there is a place of worship built near you, so take advantage of that. in sha Allah.

Not everyone has this, you do, so make use of it. in sha Allah.

Indeed, this experience brought me back to the days when the Sahabah RA would discover new places, like that of Ibn Ghazwan RA when he found and built the city of Basra (full story here ) It was a tradition of the Sahabah RA that whenever they find a good place, the first thing that they would build was a Masjid. Allahu’akbar.

And my visit to this beautiful place, indeed made me feel as if a new place for Muslims was now discovered. Allahumma barik. Not to mention, most of the people in this community were reverts, I wish I could have stayed a little longer so I could have spoke to some people in the area, but it was getting late and I had to travel back for my next trip to Lupon.

The trip was short, but very fulfilling. Ma sha Allah. Even though the masjid wasn’t fully finished, as there were still things to be built in it as the Imam and the brothers informed me, but so far it’s been an eye warmer. Tabarak Allah.

I just love visiting masajid, it truly reminds me of my purpose in life, I pray it has same effect to everyone. Alhamdulillah.

May Allah accept every good deed done in His Name. Amin

-Sister Zohayma

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Snaps to Reality
A photo story of how the brothers kept me updated and made me feel I was with them as the Masjid was being built.


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The first ever photo shared to me by the Brothers back in Carmen as they started building the masjid.

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My first look at the front view and entrance of the masjid.

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One of the few snaps shared in the building of the interior of the masjid.

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One of the most intriguing and exciting photo ever sent to me by one of the brothers who will paint the design on the dome. Ma sha Allah.

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A snap of how it looks from a far, and I had to ask for a clearer view as I was very excited.

[image_with_animation image_url=”2540″ animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self”]

And Taaaa-ddaaa! They finally sent me a photo of it on the dome. Emotional day for me. Alhamdulillah.

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Grandeza de la Mezquita Carmen
A photo gallery of snaps I took when I finally visited the beautiful masjid.


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